Adventure in Alaska
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Have you ever dreamed of spending time in a remote place in Alaska? We will try to make these dreams come true. Our family has lived, year round, in Cannery Cove on Admiralty Island, for almost 20 years. We would like you to come experience with us all the adventures that Admiralty Island has to offer.

Admiralty Island itself is a National Monument that is a 1,493 sq-mile preserve, of which 90% is designated wilderness. Admiralty Island is in the Kootsnoowoo Wilderness which means “the Fortress of Bears.” The island has one of the highest populations of Brown Bears in Alaska.

Admiralty Island is a rugged island , with mountains that rise to 4640ft and covered by tundra and even permanent ice fields. Numerous lakes, rivers, and open areas of muskeg break up the coastal rain forest of Sitka spruce and western hemlock.

Cannery Cove is located on the south end of Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska about 80 miles SE of Juneau, Alaska. The coordinates are approximately 134 degrees 08’17” W longitude and 57 degrees 18’18” N latitude.

Knowing that not all vacations happen in the summer months of June, July, and August, we would like you to come vacation with us any time of the year. We will try to accommodate your need from Brown Bear hunting, Sitka Black-tail deer hunting, to trapping for Mink, Marten, and land Otter, to fishing for Halibut, Rock Fish, Salmon (Silvers, Kings, Pinks, and Chum), to hiking in the wilderness, snow shoeing in the winter and to having opportunities to view and photograph Brown Bears, Bald Eagles, Sea Lions, Humpback Whales, the beautiful scenery and sunrise and sunsets of Cannery Cove. Or, you could just come and relax, read a book and watch it snow! Bring the kids, we are very family orientated.